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The oldest billboard

is located near the Green Bridge on Kalvarijų Street, which is one of the busiest places in Vilnius. The location has a large traffic and pedestrian flow and is great for promoting a company’s image or product that is aimed at people with middle or high income.

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Advertising on viaducts

is a perfect option for both image advertising and long-term advertising campaigns.

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The largest advertisement stand in Vilnius center

Kalvarijų g. 2

Main aspects:
  • A high flow of the traffic
  • The OTS of the Stand is approximately 980 000 per week and 3 920 000 per month
  • It is next to the main shopping centers (VCUP, Europa, Panorama)
  • A high flow of the pedestrians
  • The largest business centers are close
  • It is next to Vilnius Old Town and the main tourist attractions

Advertisments on viaducts in Vilnius

Production on the high-quality awning materials, together with the lighting, brighten the advertising during the dark hours of the day.

Geležinio Vilko str. / Jasinskio str.

Geležinio Vilko str. / Gedimino avn.

Geležinio Vilko str. / Ateities str.

Geležinio Vilko str. / Ozo str.

Ukmergės str. / Šeškinės str.

Erfurto str. / Oslo str.


Advertising surfaces


Vilniaus bridges

We offer 22 advertising surfaces
on 14 of the bridges that are located
in the busiest streets of Vilnius.

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Advertising at sports events