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We offer our clients advertising campains at 284 petrol stations, located in the 50 of the cities in Lithuania.


number of hoods


number of hoods


number of hoods


number of hoods

Advertising at petrol station networks

UAB “ETN Baltic” has nine years of experience in the field of outdoor advertising, draws particular attention to petrol stations because, according to the market analysts, it is a great place for advertising. Petrol stations are mainly visited by consumers with higher purchasing opportunities, making this audience needed by the advertisers.


Adverisements on the fuel gun hoods


The use of the of parts of the glass commercial buildings for advertising purposes


FillBoard advertising hoods have been successfully used at 530 000 petrol stations in the EU, US, Australia, Canada and other countries for over 15 years. FillBoard technology was invented and patented by the German company “AlvernGmbh”. UAB “ETN Baltic” is the sole representative of ” AlvernGmbh” in the Baltic and several CIS countries.

Main facts:
  • Advertising place on the fuel gun hood is a great place for the face-to-face communication
  • FillBoard ensures low advertising costs
  • The target audience is middle to high income drivers
  • Advertising message reaches both the main and the highest target audience
How does FillBoard work?
  • During the refuelling, FillBoard attracts the driver’s attention for up to 3 minutes
  • During the refueling, the driver is not focused on driving and is, therefore, more receptive to the information
  • The lack of the competitor’s advertisements at the close range
  • The display of the variety of the products and services from one manufacturer


Is one of the “last-minute” decision-making forms for the buyer of the goods and the services, as well as the introduction of the new products and services and the promotion of the company’s brand.

Main facts:
  • The possibility to offer more tools for positioning of the goods and the services
  • MiniTeli stands + Fillboard™ + Doormedia™
  • The sale of the goods of petrol station suppliers and shopping centers is promoted
  • One of the new advertising market’s aspects is use of the parts of the glass commercial buildings for advertising

 Advertising at sports events

Advertisement production