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Immediate building solutions

Sprung structures

Sprung designs and builds high-performance tension fabric buildings that take only a few days to customize and a few weeks to build. Our innovative fabric membrane structures are engineered for total design flexibility, all-weather performance and strength, long-term quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Sprung structures offer an immediate, cost-effective solution for ice arenas or other recreational sports centers. Sprung’s tall interior peak height provides superior space and illumination for an optimal playing environment, and a premium fiberglass insulation system provides unsurpassed energy efficiency.


Sprung structures are a great solution for any gymnasium or fitness center building, as they provide an affordable large, versatile and energy-efficient facility. Thanks to a sophisticated interior liner and clear-span interior design, Sprung structures provide ideal illumination and a safe, enjoyable playing environment.

Pool Enclosures

Sprung structures are the top choice for community and private pool facilities that need a reliable, cost-effective enclosure solution. With energy-efficient insulation packages to help reduce energy costs and options for translucent skylights and window packages, Sprung provides a bright environment perfect for swimming or exercising.


Sprung’s tensioned fabric structures are an ideal fit for aircraft hangars and other airport building applications because they can be installed immediately, are fully and easily relocatable, and can be leased or purchased for short or long terms.


Our global manufacturing and distribution resources ensure fast delivery. Build at a rate of up to 186 sq. m. per day.


Easily reconfigure, disassemble or relocate. The clear span design is adaptable for multi-use applications in almost any market sector.

& Durability

Our aluminum substructure and patented tensioning system are engineered to outperform and outlast other types of construction.

Overall Costs

You can count on lower project costs, decreased operating and energy expenses, and reduced maintenance costs.